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Original Antique Engraving - Horse Riding - Equestrian - Crispin de Passe II

Original Antique Engraving - Horse Riding - Equestrian - Crispin de Passe II

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The engraving by Crispin de Passe II is a remarkable piece of artwork that holds great significance in the realm of horsemanship and equestrian literature. It is an illustration derived from Antoine de Pluvinel's renowned treatise on horsemanship, "L'Instruction du Roy en l'exercice de monter a cheval" ("Teaching the King how to ride a horse"). This engraving beautifully captures the essence of Pluvinel's teachings and methods, showcasing his humane and gentle approach to training horses. As a courtier and tutor to three French kings, Pluvinel's expertise and reputation were highly esteemed. Crispin de Passe II's masterful engravings offering visual representations of Pluvinel's teachings. The attention to detail in the engravings not only captures the anatomical accuracy of the horses but also provides insight into the fashion and style of the period. The posthumous publication of Pluvinel's book, with Crispin de Passe II's engravings, added to its significance and enduring legacy. The work continues to be recognized as a foundational text in equestrian literature, offering valuable insights into the art of horsemanship. This is an original print, not a modern reproduction. Many more antique drawings and prints on dahlstromsfineart.

Size: 16.5” x 14” inches / 42 cm x 35 cm
Technique: Engraving
Date: 1660s
Artist: Crispin de Passe II
Place: France
*We provide a Certificate of Authenticity upon request.
The print is in good condition, with the only noticeable aspect being age-related pigmentation.

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