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Old Print - Interior of Mosque of Metwalis - Cairo, Egypt - Islamic Architecture

Old Print - Interior of Mosque of Metwalis - Cairo, Egypt - Islamic Architecture

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This exquisite lithograph is an original tinted lithograph by Louis Haghe after painting David Roberts. David Roberts, as the first independent and professional British artist to extensively travel the Near East, collected an extensive array of sketches during his 1838-1839 tour, including a panoramic depiction of Cairo and three complete sketchbooks. These served as the foundation for the large tinted lithographs executed by Louis Haghe for "The Holy Land, Syria, Idumea, Arabia, Egypt & Nubia," which was published between 1842 and 1849. This groundbreaking publication marked a significant milestone as no previous work had presented such a comprehensive series of views, encompassing monuments, landscapes, and the vibrant people of the Near East. At the bottom, there are two adjacent signatures - one of the lithographer and the other of the artist. Below the artwork itself, there is the name of the publishing house and the date of publication. There is no text the reverse side. This is an original print, not a modern reproduction. Many more antique drawings and prints on dahlstromsfineart.

Size: 23” x 16” inches / 59 cm x 40 cm
Technique: Tinted lithography  
Date: 1848
Artist: Louis Haghe after painting David Roberts
Place: London, England
*We provide a Certificate of Authenticity upon request.

The artwork is indeed in good condition, with visible age-related pigmentation and foxing.
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