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Antique Print - Charles Lemaire - Verschaffelt Horticultural Enterprise - F5

Antique Print - Charles Lemaire - Verschaffelt Horticultural Enterprise - F5

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«Vue Perspective Et Partielle De L'etablissement Horticole D'ambroise Verschaffelt»

This wonderful chromolithograph is from Charles Antoine Lemaire’s ”L’illustration Horticole, Journal Special des Greens et des Jardins”. The work was published in Belgium in 1854.

This prestigious periodical, published in 1854-1869, is a treasure trove of knowledge for botany enthusiasts, gardeners, and those with a keen eye for the beauty of ornamental plants. The author of this masterpiece is Ch. Lemaire, a distinguished professor of Botany and an esteemed honorary member of various prominent botanical societies. With his extensive expertise and passion for the subject, Lemaire meticulously presents a comprehensive collection of the most captivating plants, exploring their ornamental appeal, rich historical background, detailed descriptions, and even their cultural requirements.


Charles Lemaire


Antique Print


33 cm x 25 cm



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