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Antique botanical print -John Sims - Ribes multiflorum - F4

Antique botanical print -John Sims - Ribes multiflorum - F4

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"Ribes multiflorum"

Hand-coloured botanical engraving from John Sims ”Curtis's Botanical Magazine; or, Flower-Garden displayed... Vol. L”. The work was published by Stephen Couchman in London, 1823.

John Sims was a distinguished botanist and editor known for his significant contributions to Curtis's Botanical Magazine. As the editor of this esteemed publication, Sims played a crucial role in curating and showcasing exquisite botanical illustrations and detailed descriptions of plant species, making it a seminal resource for botanists and horticulturists during the 19th century. His work helped popularize botanical knowledge and appreciation among a wide audience, cementing Curtis's Botanical Magazine's reputation as a leading authority in the field.


14 cm x 23 cm

Artist or Maker

John Sims





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