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Antique Architectural Print - Colonnade of Perrault - France - F4

Antique Architectural Print - Colonnade of Perrault - France - F4

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"Façade du XII Plan d'un Bâtiment Composite de 120 Toisse"

This antique architectural print is from Jean-Francois de Neufforge’s «Recueil Élémentaire d’Architecture». The work was published in Paris, 1770.

"Recueil Élémentaire d’Architecture" by Jean-Francois de Neufforge is a comprehensive architectural treatise, it comprises a collection of architectural elements and designs, ranging from classical to contemporary styles. Neufforge's work provides detailed illustrations and explanations of various architectural features, making it a valuable resource for architects and designers of the time. The publication showcases Neufforge's expertise and understanding of architectural principles, contributing significantly to the architectural discourse of the era.


27 cm x 42 cm

Artist or Maker 

Jean-Francois de Neufforge





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