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Antique Architectural Etching - Veduta del Tempio di Giove Tonante - Piranesi

Antique Architectural Etching - Veduta del Tempio di Giove Tonante - Piranesi

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"Veduta del Tempio di Giove Tonante" is a famous artwork created by Giovanni Battista Piranesi. Piranesi was an Italian artist and architect known for his architectural etchings and engravings. "Veduta del Tempio di Giove Tonante" depicts a grand and majestic architectural scene. The artwork showcases a sprawling cityscape with the prominent presence of the Temple of Jove, a fictional creation by Piranesi. The temple is depicted in a state of ruin, exuding a sense of ancient grandeur and decay. Piranesi's meticulous attention to detail and his skill in capturing the intricate architectural elements are evident in this artwork. The composition of the scene creates a sense of depth and perspective, immersing the viewer in the vastness of the landscape. Through "Veduta del Tempio di Giove Tonante", Piranesi demonstrates his fascination with the concept of the sublime and the dramatic power of architectural ruins. The artwork embodies his ability to create imaginary and awe-inspiring architectural structures, showcasing his unique artistic vision and talent. This superb original etching by Piranesi originates from "Le Vedute di Roma", reference on Hind nr. 44, Second state of 4 (II/IV), and dates 1756.


Size: 29” x 20” inches / 73 cm x 51 cm

Technique: Etching

Date: 1756

Artist: Giovanni Battista Piranesi

Place: Italy

*We provide a Certificate of Authenticity upon request.


Very good condition.

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