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Antique Print - Bantenese People - Johann Theodor de Bry - Voyage - Page 26

Antique Print - Bantenese People - Johann Theodor de Bry - Voyage - Page 26

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Print originates from "The Great and Small Voyages" written by Johann Theodor de Bry. The complete set of de Bry’s Voyages in Latin - the greatest collection of travel writings assembled in early modern Europe. Theodor de Bry was inspired by the work of the English writer Richard Hakluyt, who had put together his own collection of voyages and encouraged de Bry to try his hand as well. Theodor completed the first part in 1590, and he went on to publish five further parts before his death, when his wife and sons, Johann Theodor and Johann Israel, took over the task of completing "the Great Voyages" and began the "Small Voyages". These works were immediately popular, drawing together a huge amount of material and, most enduringly, providing what would become the founding iconography of the Americas and the East Indies in the European imagination.


Size: 12” x 8” inches / 30 cm x 21 cm   
Technique: Engraving
Date: 17th Century
Artist: Johann Theodor de 

Place: Germany
*We provide a Certificate of Authenticity upon request. 


Very good condition.

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