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Antique Engraving - Cook - Australasia Culture - Polynesian Artefacts - Tahiti

Antique Engraving - Cook - Australasia Culture - Polynesian Artefacts - Tahiti

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This fascinating engraving originates from '"Relation des Voyages entrepris par ordre de Sa Majestà Britannique" or "An Account of the Voyages Undertaken by the Order of His Present Majesty for Making Discoveries in the Southern Hemisphere". The work was published in Paris from 1778 to 1785. It is the an account of Cook's first voyage. Cook's first voyage of three, taking place between 1768 and 1771, was a combined Royal Navy and Royal Society expedition to the South Pacific. "The famous accounts of Captain Cook's three voyages form the basis for any collection of Pacific books. In three great voyages Cook did more to clarify the geographical knowledge of the southern hemisphere than all his predecessors had done together. He was really the first scientific navigator and his voyages made great contributions to many fields of knowledge."

Size: 8” x 11” inches / 19.5 cm x 27 cm
Technique: Copper engraving
Date: 1785
Artist: John Hawkesworth & Robert Benard
Place: Paris, France
*We provide a Certificate of Authenticity upon request.

Very good condition.

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