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Dahlströms Fine Art

World Map Print 1988 with Decorations Battleship HMS Prince - Signed

World Map Print 1988 with Decorations Battleship HMS Prince - Signed

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Original print depicting the battleship HMS Prince and world map, color etching with embossing, signed 88 and numbered 7/70. The work is part of a cycle from 1988 depicting famous ships from the Middle Ages.

The HMS Prince was a symbol of British naval supremacy during its era, boasting impressive size, armament, and strength on the high seas.

The print showcases the HMS Prince in all its glory as it sails majestically through calm waters. The ship's towering masts and billowing sails dominate the scene, while its meticulously detailed hull and intricate rigging are a testament to the craftsmanship of the era.

The print beautifully captures the era's maritime artistry, with attention to historical accuracy in every detail. Whether you're a naval history enthusiast or simply appreciate the elegance of classic sailing vessels, this print of the HMS Prince is a stunning addition to any collection. 

The reverse side is blank. This is an original print, not a modern reproduction. Many more antique drawings and prints on dahlstromsfineart. 


Size: 17.12” x 28.34” inches / 43.5 cm x 72 cm

Technique: Etching

Date: 1988

Artist: Unknown

Place: Unknown

*We provide a Certificate of Authenticity upon request. 


Very good condition without remarks.

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