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Rare Print - Pathology and Surgery of the Aorta - Icones Anatomicae - A. Caldani

Rare Print - Pathology and Surgery of the Aorta - Icones Anatomicae - A. Caldani

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This engraved anatomy plate originates from work ”Icones anatomicae; Iconum anatomicarum explicatio” created by Leopoldo Marco Antonio Caldani (1725-1813) and Floriano Caldani (1772-1836), published in Venice, 1801-14.
"Icones Anatomicae" is a significant anatomical work that was published in multiple volumes. The first edition was released in parts from 1801 to 1814. The full title translates to "Anatomical Icons; Explanation of Anatomical Images." 
The atlas is renowned for its detailed copperplate engravings, capturing various aspects of human anatomy. It includes depictions of organs, tissues, and other anatomical structures. The meticulous illustrations were intended to provide a comprehensive visual guide for medical students, practitioners, and researchers. 
A pupil of Morgagni, Leopoldo Caldani succeeded his professor in the chair of anatomy at Padua, where he was already professor of theoretical medicine. In his later years he was assisted in the publication of his anatomical works by his nephew, Floriano Caldani, also a professor at Padua.

Size: 21.65” x 17.32” inches / 55 cm x 44 cm   
Creator: Marco Antonio Caldani
Date: c. 1813
Medium: Engraving on paper
Place: Venice, Italy
*The Certificate of Authenticity is included.

The work has wear and age-related discoloration, but is overall in good condition. Please check the condition of the image carefully and contact us if you have any questions. The reverse side is blank. This is an original print and not a modern reproduction. You can find many more vintage engravings and maps on the Dahlstromsfineart website.

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