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Antique Print - Jean-Francois de Neufforge - Architectural Diagram - France - F3

Antique Print - Jean-Francois de Neufforge - Architectural Diagram - France - F3

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"II Développement pour un Bâtiment de sept torres de face dans œuvre sur autant de profondeur"

Antique architectural print originates from «Recueil Élémentaire d’Architecture» by Jean-Francois de Neufforge. A comprehensive series of architectural studies of facades, exteriors and interiors of French and other Continental architecture. Detail studies include doorways, pediments, windows, fireplaces, fences, gates, columns, stairways, vases, and interior paneling. Some of the designs include floor plans in the lower portion, while others are solely floor plans. The work includes a variety of architectural styles, notably the neoclassical style that became popular when these were produced, during the second half of the 18th century.

Jean-François de Neufforge was a Flemish architect and engraver. He arrived in Paris around 1738 and studied engraving there. Neufforge’s great work was the 'Recueil Élémentaire d’Architecture' containing roughly 900 architectural engravings, nearly all of which he both designed and engraved.


27 cm x 42 cm


Jean-Francois de Neufforge





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